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We are shorkie breeders and  would like to welcome to you our website. This website is owned and operated by www.shorkieworld.com visit our main website for more shorkie puppy  information and lot of videos and photos.

We welcome you visit our main website to see our current babies or to get on our reservation list..



Through careful and very selective breeding practices we are providing our puppy parents what some breeders call designer puppies, or  designer breeds.  Some puppy parents may call our shorkies a teacup or a  Yorkshire terrier  mix or shih tzu puppies mix.  Some breeders may call their puppies teacup puppies. We do NOT believe in teacup puppies. There is NO such thing this is just a word used by some breeders to get puppy parents confused and to have the want their dog.  Our shorkies are very cute and cuddly and come home very spoilt.

I have a good  understanding of our adults dogs needs that keeps them healthy and happy.  It is my passion to produce healthy, loveable shorkie puppies, for our puppy parents. We do this by breeding for genetic health, sound temperament, and gorgeous color to bring you the perfect shorkie puppy.

Our shorkies are famous for being loving, affectionate, open, friendly, and eager to please. Our shorkie puppies are not only intelligent & easy to train but their calm laid back personalities are fantastic with small children & families.

We welcome all puppy parents who are close enough to visit and pick up their new perfect family member.

We take great pride in the cleanliness and comfort of our home. From our shorkie puppies birth, our shorkie puppies are handled with great care and love, which is so important for proper socialization.

Having a successful breeding program takes many years of  testing and experience. Over the years I have been very selective in raising top quality parents and producing healthy bloodlines and beautiful shih tzu and yorkies. By breeding great dispositions and family friendly pets we have accomplished our goal!! Helping families choose the right breed and passing on my extensive knowledge to potential canine owners is my pleasure. We welcome visitors and consider all previous puppy parents a part of our extended family!

 Some shorkie puppy dog  puppy parents will look up yorkie puppies mix or  shih tzu puppies sale or even yorkshire terrier puppies for sale and  puppies for sale to find our website. NO matter how you find our site take your time and visit all our pages on this site and our main website We are here to educate puppy parents on the wonderful breeder of Shorkies.  

We have flown our shorkie puppies in Texas also our  shorkie puppies in New York or shorkie in New York Yorkshire  terrier . When it comes to flying puppies we are the expert.  We say we have shorkies for adoption and NOT shorkies for sale, because we care where they go. 



My name is Cindy Miller, I live by Aurora Missouri, I offer puppy parents ever where home raised puppies, SCA Puppies,


past puppy from Cindy Millerno puppies for sale here, just adoption because we care where they goa wonderful past puppy puppies for sale,we offer a LIFETIME health warrantylittle puppies, past puppy we offer a LIFETIME health warrantypast puppies from our website we offer a home raised puppies